A career, not just a job

Here at Owben, we have a talented team of over 45 engineers, electricians, and apprentices.

We don’t give people jobs – we give them careers. That means when you work at Owben, we train you in the accreditations you need to progress through your career. That’s why most of our staff stay with us for years, with several of our team joining as apprentices and moving up the ranks as qualified engineers and electricians, or becoming senior members of staff.

We work on a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and technical projects for clients such as Nissan Motor Manufacturing, Amazon UK and Envision AESC. And our staff spend their days working alongside a talented team of directors with over 75 years of experience in the sector.

We are dedicated to giving our clients a quality service and constantly improving our in-house expertise. If you’re interested in joining our tight-knit team and starting a career here at Owben, either as an apprentice or as a fully-qualified electrician, welder / fabricator or engineer, get in contact with us.

Want to see who you’d be working with? Meet Our Team!

“Having worked at Owben for almost a decade, I would rate my experience as impressive and inclusive. I appreciate working for a company which encourages continuous development and offers unlimited opportunities to improve. All staff members are valued, and such value is acknowledged and rewarded on a regular basis. Although there is a diverse range of expertise and roles, there is a strong team spirit amongst my colleagues which helps to keep staff morale high. I’m glad to be part of this great team!”
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Andrew Corsar
General Manager