Owben announces its core company values​

1st March 2022

At Owben, our vision is to drive the UK economy and its international reputation through high-quality engineering and supply chain services, and that means investing in and empowering our team to be able to deliver our clients the best service.  

A way in which we do that is through our core values; they not only make our employees feel like what they do matters, it also ensures our clients know our service is right for them.  

A massive 85% of UK employees consider culture (and values) as more important than financial reward, according to this study, so it was important for Owben’s management team to solidify values that both accurately represented how we work but were also aspirational for the current team and new recruits alike.  

Not only that, but significant business decisions are made with values in mind, so we had to ensure we were creating something that would both work and fit with our culture.  

As a result, we are proud to announce our six core company values: 

Colourful image with written words relating to core values


We understand the power of effective team-work. Whether we are supporting your team or working alongside each other, we ensure that each individual can easily adapt to working with various team members, depending on our project or client.


We pride ourselves on being trusted partners to our clients and suppliers. And we are proud of a team ethic based on trust. As leaders, we empower our engineers by putting trust in them to carry out jobs to the highest standard.


Knowledge sharing is key to ensuring that our apprentices and colleagues can learn from years of knowledge from their managers. ​​We always ensure that we stay knowledgeable about the latest in engineering and processes to further support our clients’ success.


We have a commitment to ensuring that our clients’ products and systems are to the highest quality and we do that by ensuring that our Quality Accreditations are up to date and adhered to.


Our business has been built on reputation. It reassures us to know that anyone that works with - or for - Owben speaks highly of us.


Giving back to the communities in which we work matters to us. We want to share our success with others in need and we want to help younger generations reach their full potential.

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